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7-day challenge

 Join our next challenge to learn how a Dog Walking Club will increase revenue, attract new clients, and build community for your professional pet business.


In 7 weeks, we will teach you our in-depth method for how to create, build, monetize and launch a Dog Walking Club in your community.

increase revenue

Learn ways to monetize your Dog Walking Club to generate both indirect or roundabout revenue as well as direct revenue. Discover how to build a charitable focus into your Club’s mission so you can create awareness of, and raise funds for, local nonprofit organizations in your community.


Create a residual income source for your professional pet business that is reliable and can steadily increase each year.


Attract members to your Club who will engage in discussions, participate in outings, and share information about the Club with their network.


Engage your members with educational content, surveys/polls, incentives, unique outings, and online events.


Create a culture members will love by minimizing selling and focusing on education, connection, and exercise.

attract new clients

Create a culture of sharing by providing valuable information and connecting dog owners with your network. Members will view you as an expert and leader in the industry and will want to do business with you. 

build community

Establish and grow meaningful relationships with dog owners who will trust and respect your brand. These raving fans will tell their network about your Club and company, and may become customers in the future. 

start a Charitable partners program

support charities

Build your company’s platform on a foundation of giving back and supporting others by establishing a charitable partner program for your Dog Walking Club. We will teach you how to create awareness of, and raise funds for, local pet charities in your community resulting in media attention. 

media features

Learn how to reach the media with community-focused stories about your Dog Walking Club. Build third-party credibility that boosts trust and respect for your professional pet business. 

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What Clients Say

"This class exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it to any pet care industry professional who is looking to start or improve their marketing game."
April Begosh
"This Master class was super helpful! As a business owner, I found the information to be inspiring, insightful, and very motivating in creating a business model that is right for me! "
Jody Crotty
"This will help me for years to come as I grow my brand and my confidence. If you are a pet pro and you want to be seen as an expert in your field, this is the class for you!"
Louise Daigle
"Traci takes the time to explain things well and gives examples of what you should be thinking about. A good challenge that made me think outside the box."
Morag Wilcox
"Before taking the Media Relations Masterclass, I was completely intimidated by the idea of approaching the media in any way. Recently, a producer from Good Morning America reached out for my story and I never would have called her back for my interview if I hadn't dipped my toes in other aspects of the local media first! One step forward at a time and you'll definitely gain the momentum and confidence you need."
Laura Gendron
"You have been extremely helpful and supportive! Can't thank you enough. Massive value. Thank you so much for doing this awesome sauce training. You are the bomb!"
Adrienne Gummerson